Top 5 best updates from iOS15

Apple just released its latest iOS version with a variety of features that are sure to make iPhone users leap for joy.  Considering the large number of changes that have been made, we bring you the Top Five updates that would have the greatest impact on your day-to-day life!

#1 – Improved FaceTime Calls

You won’t have to worry about loud background noises, muffled voices and cluttered backdrops when you’re in a meeting or talking in public spaces.

  • Voice isolation eliminates background noise and prioritizes the user’s voice
  • Wide Spectrum allows most background sounds to come through
  • Portrait mode blurs a user’s background

iPhone users can use these updates with third-party apps, such as Webex, Zoom and WhatsApp. 

We rate this update 10/10 in usability and timeliness in the current context of remote work.

Image taken from Apple website

#2 – On-Device Intelligence Delivers Live Text

With its new Live Text feature, your Apple device now functions as an all-in-one scanner, encoder, browser, dictionary and translator!

Using on-device intelligence, Live Text converts texts from photos into editable text, allowing users to copy and paste, look up information, and translate. 

How cool is that?

#3 – Focus!

If too many distractions on your phone are a point of irritation, you will be delighted with ‘Focus’, the new Apple feature, which reduces distraction by filtering notifications based on what a user wants to focus on.

Focus comes in different modes:

  • Work Focus – allows notifications only from co-workers and apps used for work
  • Personal Focus – used when taking a break with friends and family
  • Fitness Focus – stay in the zone while completing a workout

Be effective and efficient every day by focusing your time on things that matter the most at that specific time!

#4 – Translate

Need help communicating with international co-workers or clients?

The new Translate recognizes when a user starts speaking and translates speech without the user having to press the microphone button, enabling more natural conversation across languages.

Easily translate text anywhere on your iPhone by simply selecting and tapping “Translate”!

Establish deeper connections and relationships with other people. Now, you can say “Bonjour!” or “早上好!” instead of “Good Morning!”.

#5 – Personalized Memoji 

Are you unhappy with your Memoji which doesn’t provide the option of including the garments and accessories that are so much a part of your identity? 

Here’s the good news!You can now customize your Apple Memojis with new headwear, glasses, and even items like cochlear implants, oxygen tubes and a soft helmet!


There are more updates in the new iOS15, but these five stole the spotlight. 

Which one is your favourite? Let us know in the comments box below! 


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