Beginner’s guide to apps: Native vs Hybrid vs PWA

The app world is an extremely dynamic one. A few years ago, the only choice available for a mobile app was a Native app built with the platform’s native programming language. Today, there are many more options to consider; and you might be wondering how they differ from each other and which one would best […]

5 Inspiring Wins Of Brands That Switched To Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web apps (PWAs) are a great combination of the best features websitesand apps have to offer. With a PWA, users can enjoy the whole app experience directly through their browserwithout having to install an app on their device. Additionally, PWAs work offline, are instantly available and load instantly, comparedto slow classic websites. Now, users […]

Progressive web app listing in Google Play Store

When progressive web apps (PWAs) first entered the web scene, they promised to provide reliable, fast, and engaging web capabilities to meet the high expectations of users, with features like push notifications, installability and network resilience – and they did. Brands that switched to a PWA setup yielded great results. For example, Forbes decreased their […]