Our Services

We are LemonApp. A custom web & mobile software development studio with a disciplined execution process to guarantee a smooth launch.
We design and develop web and mobile apps to support startups and businesses on their missions of scalability and faster return on investment.

Web Design Service

People on the web tend to want information quickly, so it is important to communicate clearly, and make your information easy to read and digest. At LemonApp, we practice organizing information using headlines and sub headlines, using bullet points instead of long windy sentences, and cutting the waffle.

SEO & Digital Marketing

We transform your underperforming websites into predictable, money-making machines. Right now, there are thousands of people actively searching for exactly what you do, and they’re either finding you or they’re finding your competition. Your biggest problem is obscurity!

Web App Development

A professional website should engage user, elevate brand, define value and measure result. Have a top-notch website that is secure, well-designed, fully-functioning, and user-friendly. We make this possible for you so that you can reach your business goals from brand awareness to increased sales.

Mobile App Development

We develop smart mobile apps with best performing technologies, saving your money and precious time. Mobile apps increase customer loyalty because it allows businesses to communicate directly with their customers via In-app purchases, ads, promotions and notifications sent to customers' phone via mobile apps.

Consulting & Management

As agile methodology advocates and practitioners, we believe in the power of partnership. We help companies and businesses not only with choosing the right technology and framework for their products and services, but also with developing their business goals and predicting outcomes through data gathered along the way.

Design & Branding

Products and services must reflect the company and its businesses. Our team uses modern design techniques and best practices to find and develop the right design while taking into account the company's goals and business funnels. We believe that great designs solve real world problems.


With expertise on 21st Century integrations, LemonApp applies gamification concepts and principles to help businesses capture user engagement and loyalty by aligning up-and-coming technologies with business goals.


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