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Why you should consider moving from OS1 to Magento 2 ASAP

Out with the old…
In with the new!

After a period of 10 years, on 30 June 2021, OS1 will reach the end of its lifespan, leaving brands with a myriad of maintenance, security and cost issues/problems. Good thing there’s Magento 2 Commerce, the perfect E-Commerce and Online Store platform that will help your brand scale up!

Why move from OS1 to Magento 2?

Built-in E-Commerce and Online Store functionality

Save up on cost with Magento’s wide array of functionalities built in E-Commerce and Online Store. It comes with customer-specific pricing and product catalogues, support for purchase and approval workflow, and multichannel sales and order management, to name a few.

Supports hybrid business models including Amazon sales​

Manage, streamline, and optimize E-Commerce and Online Store; and B2C channels like Amazon sales - from a single admin!​

Modern and Secure ​

The end of OS1 means, security is weak and vulnerable to breaches. You also need to re-certify that your platform is PCI compliant to be able to continue transacting, using cards. ​

Ability to create your own E-Commerce and Online Store market place​

Magento is loaded with flexible, secure, rich features that work with a wide variety of marketplace software packages. ​

Delivers high ROI​

Optimizing your e-commerce site yields more web and mobile traffic, leading to a higher conversion rate while spending less on the platform.​

Connect to your ERP software​

You can provide better customer experience with real time updates by connecting the platform to your ERP system. ​

Superior mobile experience​

With more buyers using mobile devices to purchase, Magento 2 includes mobile-first design and progressive web apps feature to provide better buyer experience for both web and mobile.​


Get aggressive performance SLAs, build up or down based on your needs, and pay by how much you sell on the platform.​

Future Ready

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Offer and pricing

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No e-commerce yet?

73% of 20-35-year-old employees take part in their company’s buying decisions. This group do their product or service research and purchases online. Meaning, digital commerce is the future of E-Commerce and Online Stores!

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