Did you know web design can make or break your brand

A study revealed that negative website impressions are 94% design-related. If you associate web design with graphics, images and effects, think again.

Web design is all about creating an environment that allows visitors to navigate with ease and find solutions to their problems. 

Remember! — Customers associate your brand with the design and performance of your website. So, the goal is to make your site clean, fast and easy to understand. 

If you want customers to stick around, you must design with the following in mind: target customers, marketing and branding.

Design with your target customers in mind

When you create a website for your business, it shouldn’t be all about your brand. 

You’re not selling to yourself; you’re selling to targeted customers who should be the centre of your web design.

When designing for your target customers, consider the following:

  • Is your website design aiming to please your customers?
  • Is it addressing the issues or needs your target customers have?
  • Does it take into account user behaviour and interest?
  • Would your design features appeal to them?

To ensure your website is customer-centred:

#1 Make your website user-friendly and responsive

A user-friendly design should be simple, clean, and optimized for any device. Some of the most successful websites are extremely simple and focus on one niche topic. 

#2 Develop a quick and easy customer journey

The quicker customers accomplish their goals, with just a few steps, the better. 

Design with Marketing in mind

Why marketing? Because it is the sole purpose of your website — to attract leads.

Practice the following on your website: 

#1 Integrated marketing

Improve online marketing by developing consistent themes, designs, goals and messages across all marketing channels.

#2 Leverage SEO

Make it easier for customers to find you! Use Meta tags, header tags, Alt Tags, hashtags and most searched words.

#3 Display Customer Reviews

Customer reviews build trust. Consider integrating a social media widget so users can share your products or content with a single click.

Design with your branding in mind

Branding helps customers differentiate you from your competitors — catchphrases, like Nike’s “Just Do It” and McDonald’s “I’m lovin’ it”, are a good way to be noticed and remembered.

#1 Show Off Your Brand’s Personality

Show off your brand’s personality by communicating your values, beliefs and interests. Don’t blend in with the millions of businesses online. Stand out!

#2 Be clear with your brand message

A well-established brand knows what it wants to communicate and is very clear about it.

#3 Communicate like you are part of the community

It’s all about using customer language – talk to your customers, identify the slang they use and take the time to research relatable topics.

There’s more to web design than colours, fonts and graphics  factor in your target audience, marketing and branding.

A poorly designed website tarnishes legitimacy and credibility; a well-designed one provides massive ROI. 

Nailing web design is no easy task. It takes both experience and expertise in the field. This is where LemonApp can step in to assist you.

Our team specializes in web design and development. Try our FREE scoping and ideation session and watch your ideas come to fruition. 

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