F8 Refresh: Interacting with consumers just got better

F8 by Facebook

F8, an online conference by Facebook, started out in 2007 as an 8-hour hackathon for developers, creating classic consumer items for Facebook-owned platforms, establishing new technology tracks. The event enables developers all around the world to identify novel solutions for projects that further improve how people connect digitally.  

After a short break in 2020, F8 returned with a bang with its “F8: Refresh”, featuring Facebook technologies that provide developers and companies throughout the world additional opportunity to expand through their platforms. This year’s highlight is all about interacting with consumers!

New Features

Business Messaging and Tools

SMEs and start-ups had no option but to capitalize on e-commerce when the pandemic broke out last year, and the trend continued to grow ever since. With over 1.3 billion users on the Messenger app, Facebook wanted to improve how businesses interact with consumers. Businesses experienced this aspect when Facebook released the Messenger Platform as open APIs in 2016. This year, the focus is on its other platforms: 


Instagram has expanded its role as a social media platform from a cultural and social hub to a digital market. E-commerce and other entrepreneurs use the platform to advertise their products and services to billions of online users. While 90% of Instagram users now follow at least one company, the credit goes to messaging. Not only do customers find engaging with brands increasingly enticing, it has become a vital aspect of business communication whether it be through story replies, direct messages, or mentions.

Brands will be excited to know that Instagram Messenger API is available to all developers starting 2021, allowing marketers to provide a whole new business and consumer messaging experiences on the platform. With this new feature, brands may use their favourite tools and processes to incorporate Instagram messaging even to their website as a plugin. It could lead to more meaningful interactions that boost the satisfaction of customers and improve sales!


Instagram is not the only platform to get this update. WhatsApp API for businesses is also now available to brands and developers to improve messaging experience. 

With the new API, there will be faster on-boarding time for enterprises, reducing the process from weeks to just five minutes! What’s more, consumers can now get further information from businesses, such as updates on when the COVID-19 vaccination will be available in their area. This is not all, it will be possible to support much more information, such as letting consumers know when an item is back in stock, enabling people to reply to companies in new ways to do business faster through “list messages”, so that individuals may react with a simple tap in place of typing.

Facebook Messenger 

Log in to other business applications or websites easily through Facebook Messenger! 

In the months to come, users may choose to send messages to brands right from their Facebook login flow using Login Connect with Messenger. By providing more tailored and effective customer service, brands may increase their relationships with consumers through messaging. 

Facebook Business Extension – a developer platform for business apps

Apart from the new messaging features, Facebook launched a platform called Facebook Business Extension, which allows developers to connect and exhibit business apps in Facebook Business Suite.  It’s a solution for developers and enterprises that want to make the Facebook Business Suite connection simple and straightforward. We’ll invite our developer community to apply for early access in the coming months, which will help us expand the app ecosystem.

Get ahead of the competition

There’s a lot of potential for businesses to unfold better messaging and buying experience to their consumers, like ordering and paying directly from the app.

Don’t let it go to waste — leverage on this new technology! 

LemonApp can help you integrate all of the new updates to your digital platforms. Our expert team of developers who attended F8 Refresh are knowledgeable and well-equipped to deliver the best solution to help your brand grow. 

Get more from your consumers before FY 21 ends! Be the first in the market and stay in the lead. 

Watch the recap from F8: Refresh


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